Friday, August 29, 2008


John McCain Throws A Bone To Vagina Voters.

There you go women voters! See! John McCain picked a woman for his Vice President!

And at his age.. 72, she's got a realistic shot of becoming the First Female President in American History!

She's also a "Feminist" according to her Bio.

Which means she's rabidly Pro-Life, and opposes abortion even in cases of RAPE AND INCEST.

And she's a member of the NRA.

And she opposes gay marriage.

And she was a beauty queen.

She supports the Death Penalty.

She supports teaching Creationism in public schools.

She supports drilling in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge.

3 years ago she was the mayor of a town of 9,000.

She has zero foreign policy experience.

She opposes Universal Health Care.

You know, just like Hillary Clinton.

John McCain must think you're stupid.

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