Tuesday, August 05, 2008


U.S. Government Behind Anthrax Attacks on it's own Citizens

So there it is... in print.

The U.S. Government is Responsible for the Anthrax Attacks. In a coordinated effort, the U.S. Government sent spores of Anthrax to Democratic Senators and the "liberal media."

Could this have been a "lone gunman" who was behind it? No. There is no way one person could have weaponized the anthrax and sent it out to terrorize American Citizens and also have been behind the massive misinformation campaign designed to link the Anthrax to Iraq. ABC New's Brian Ross claims to have four (4) "well-placed" sources who claimed the Anthrax had Bentonite, meaning it came from Iraq.

Anthrax was used by the U.S. Government to further the terror climate after 9/11 and justify the U.S. Invasion of Iraq.

Why was the investigation so bungled that has taken 7 years? Why was the investigation so bungled that the U.S. Government paid $5.8 Million to a man who was falsely accused? Why is there such a concerted effort now to rap up the investigation and blame it on a man who just allegedly committed suicide?

Because the U.S. Government doesn't want you to know the truth. The Truth is that those who are responsible for the attack itself and the misinformation campaign that followed it are all working very hard to make sure that you never know who was behind the attacks.

Those responsible for the attacks propagated misinformation about who was responsible, they peddled false bentonite claims to point the finger at Iraq and Saddam Hussein. They peddled false information that it was Al-Qaeda who was responsible for the Anthrax when it was KNOWN within a few weeks of the attacks that there was NO WAY Al-Qaeda could have been responsible.

So who's responsible for the Anthrax Attacks?

The U.S. Government and the Media who has allowed those responsible to peddle misinformation under the guise of anonymity.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Hugs and Kisses,

The Punisher

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