Friday, March 13, 2009


10 Conservative Blacks Who Have Done the Most to Hurt Blacks: Can You Say Yes Sir Boss!!!

10. Ken Hamblin.
9. Larry Elder
8. Armstrong Williams
7. Alan Keyes
6. Niger Innis & Roy Innis
5. J.C. Watts
4. Clarence "Uncle Tom" Thomas
3. Michael Steele
2. Ken Blackwell
1. Ward Connerly

While they all sat around listening to Chip Saltsman's rendition of "Barack the Magic Negro," these Negroes of opportunity take advantage of Mr. Charlie's generosity of offering them token positions in their establishment. The testament to that is how Party Boss Rush Limbaugh went after Michael Steele for speaking the truth about conservatives on D.L. Hughley's talkshow on CNN. Too bad these men wake up on the morning and look in the mirror and deny who they are and the white supremacy that oozes from the pustules of their party. We should all thank all of them for taking us back to the days of Dred Scott.

Welcome Back Alabama Hammer!

Still wait'n fo' the government to do you right, my man
These men listed, are listed because they are conservative blacks. Weak blacks attack their opponents personally instead of debating the issues. It's easier to demonize your opponent instead of looking at issues. Probably because the author is ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ISSUES. IT'S TIME TO STOP THE CULTURE OF VICTIMIZATION AND ENTITLEMENT. SINCE "THE MAN" IS A BLACK MAN IT'S TIME TO GET OFF YOUR COMPLAINING ASS AND GET TO WORK TO GET AHEAD. LIBERALISM IS JUST A CULTURE OF STEALING FROM THE SUCCESSFUL AND GIVING TO THE LAZY. AND YOU ALL KNOW THIS IS TRUE, YOU JUST HAPPEN TO BE ON THE LAZY SIDE.
I guess Gouligo's mom didn't breast feed him because he has a lot of anger.

It is good to be back Punisher.
Ooooh Gouligo you sure told us! I feel so ashamed! You really put us in our place with your big words like victimization and entitlement!

Too bad you resorted to racism to make your point. Lazy? Stealing?

You're a fucking idiot.

Hugs and Kisses,

The Punisher
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