Tuesday, March 24, 2009


President Obama Continues to "Debate" Dick Cheney as if their differences were over policy, therefore Legitimizing Cheney's Position.

Dick Cheney is a WAR CRIMINAL Mr. President, and needs to be treated as such.

"It is just as bad to prevent the investigation and prosecution of a war crime as its commission because you become part of it. There’s no question about a War Crime here. There’s no need for a Truth Commission.

Some people say what do you need a film? We actually had films of us Torturing people. So this would be the shortest investigation in history. You have Bush Officials who have said we tortured people. You have interrogators who said we tortured people. The Red Cross has said it. A host of international organizations have said it.

What is President Obama waiting for? I’m afraid the answer is…. a convenient moment. The fact is he has been told by his advisors that it would be grossly unpopular to investigate and prosecute Bush Officials. Well that’s a perfectly horrible reason not to follow principle. And when you talk about values.. the only supporting one is that the president has to enforce the law. You can’t pick and choose who would be popular to prosecute.

He should be appointing a special prosecutor, there’s no question about that. This is the most well defined and publicly known crime I’ve seen in my lifetime. There’s no debate about it. There’s no ambiguity. It’s well known.

You’ve got people involved who’ve basically admitted the elements of a war crime that we are committed to prosecuting. We don’t need a truth and reconciliation commission because we’re already reconciled to the rule of law.. there’s nothing to reconcile to.

The people that have to reconcile are the people who broke the law. They need to reconcile with the law. And he happens to be having a debate with one of those people as if they are discussing some quaint notion of policy." - Jonathan Turley

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